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The Buckshot Racing #77 Spark Tester is specifically designed for high-performance and racing outboards including; 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and even 8-cylinder powerheads.


Yes, both 2-strokes and 4-strokes such as the Mercury Racing 300R, 400R, and latest 500R. It can even handle the power of a Monty V8 with that super trick ignition. 


We've utilized the proven insulated tester body and built the best tester available on the market. Key advantages include:


  • A fully adjustable gap with accurate 1/8" incremental measurement points to record actual kilo volts (cheap sheet included) per hole


  •  Adjustable to a full .550 gap, enough, for example, to measure whether your Mercury V6 2-Stoke outboard is putting out a full 30,000 volts, required for peak performance on each hole 


  • Flexible, yet heavy-duty, 8AWG, marine-grade ground strap with ground clip to protect your ignition components


  • Fully encased and insulated body to protect from shock and possible fire caused by a rogue spark


  • Rubber boot insulators around each probe to further protect you and your equipment


  • Assemble here in the USA


Contact Mike Hill at

Outboard Spark Tester

SKU: ST-77
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