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The Buckshot Racing #77 Ring Ternimal Connection Cable for SAE Battery Chargers and Maintainers has several advantages, including: 


Ease of use: The 18-inch length (color-coded red for the positive (+) battery terminal) makes it easy to attach to hard-to-reach batteries with M6 or 1/4" battery terminals.


Versatility: It's compatible with most chargers and maintainers up to 10 amps and has a weatherproof cap so you can leave it attached to the battery (Lead Acid, AGM, or Lithium).


Quick Connect: The quick-connect plug allows you to attach

any battery charger or maintainer with a standard SAE plug in seconds.


Charged: It can help keep batteries charged between boat races, and rides and also maintenance in the off-season.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions,

Quick Connect Battery Charging

SKU: QC-77
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