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Our stainless steel Canopy Hatch Lift Spring can serve several important functions in your race and/or high-performance boat.


Our Canopy Hatch Lift Spring stainless steel Coil Spring measures 8.25 inches (210mm) long. When in the extended position, the spring coil is rigid, holding lids, safety hatches, and/or canopies (up to 10 lb in weight) in the open position.


  • Assists in Opening and Closing: Our Canopy Hatch Lift Spring assists in smoothly lifting, holding open, and lowering important hatches, found on safety capsules, driver cockpits, storage, and engine hatches, reducing the physical effort required by the driver and crew.


  • Ensures Secure Positioning: Once opened, the spring helps hold the canopy hatch securely in the fully open position. This is crucial while milling before or after a race to get air into the capsule and/or accessing equipment or storage beneath hatches is necessary, to help ensure it remains stable despite boat movements.


  • Durability and Marine Compatibility: Designed specifically for marine applications, our hatch lift spring is built to withstand exposure to saltwater, UV rays, and the vibrations typically experienced in high-performance boating environments. It provides reliable performance over extended periods without degradation.


  • Customizable and Fitment: They are engineered to mount as needed to integrate seamlessly into the boat's design, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising aesthetics or performance.


Overall, the canopy hatch lift spring contributes significantly to the operational efficiency, safety, and user experience on high-performance boats by facilitating easy, secure, and reliable opening and closing of canopy hatches.

Race Canopy Hatch Lift Spring

SKU: WS+-54208-77
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