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The Buckshot Racing #77 Dial Indicator is a precise 2-stroke race outboard tuning instrument with an attractive blue anodized bezel and boldface.


It is designed to be easier, safer, and more accurate than the expensive Mercury OEM tool (part numbers 91-5822A 1, 58222, 58222A1, MSRP $242.25)


Buckshot Racing #77 Dial Indicator is:


1) Easy: our outboard dial indicator tool is a natural 2", no extender or body adjustments are needed to avoid obstructions, ready to use out of the box. It is spaced perfectly to avoid obstructions getting to the cylinder head. Simply thread into most any 2-stroke outboard spark plug hole and indicate using the easy-to-read dial-face.


2) Safe: We 3D print the body with a special nylon filament, giving it a tensile strength of up to 7,000 PSI, with a 217 degrees F temperature tolerance, making it durable, strong, and stable, yet no way to damage the older aluminum threads in your cylinder head. 


3) Accurate: A precision dial indicator is essential for determining TDC and placing our Super Timing Magnet on the flywheel in order to accurately set engine ignition timing. Our indicators are all individually certified and serialized. They come with an engraved serial number and a calibration certificate of accuracy.


Includes one (1) certified Buckshot Racing #77 Dial Indicator in the box, instructions can be found in the "Info" section of the website.


Contact Mike Hill at

Race Dial Indicator Kit

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