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The Buckshot Racing #77  3-Wire "Metal Head" Race Offshore Trim Pump Motor is constructed with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel and an aluminum body. It bolts directly and securely to the trim pump base.


It is the most durable and smoothest motor available for offshore, endurance, F1H20, Tunnel Boats, US F1 Power Championship, OPC, APBA, and around-the-island racing.


The steel laminated core, copper windings, and copper-segment commutator are all built and tested to withstand 50x operating voltage at five load levels, so these can handle faster trim set-ups including 12, 24, and 36 volts.


This motor fits our application and replaces most all trim pump motors for OilDyne style trim tilt pump bases including Mercury 17649A1, 87828, Arco 6218, OEM 17649, 891736T, and Sierra 18-6772. 


Includes one (1) Mercury 3-wire Trim Tilt Pump Motor with a new o-ring and coupler.


Add Hi-Flow Trim Pump Base Unit with Steel Reservoir. $274


Contact for trim pumps for all marine applications.

Race Offshore Trim Pump Motor

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