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Our Remote Outboard Starter Switch is a must-have tool for any boat racer, builder, or tuner. This switch allows you to start your engine from a remote location, making it easier to diagnose problems, check spark, set timing, and perform maintenance tasks.


It features a push button switch that provides long life and reliable operation. The red light glows when connected to a 12v or 24v DC battery circuit. High-current clips with protective boots connect the 5-foot 12-gauge wire leads.


With a durable construction and easy-to-use design, it replaces the Mercury Marine / Quicksilver part number 91-52024 A1.




1. Connect one lead to the yellow/red wire on the terminal of the solenoid. Be careful as these connections are close to the hot terminal!


2. Connect the other lead to the 5/16" terminal on the solenoid with the HOT battery cable. This is the heavier gauge RED cable coming from the positive side of your battery.


3. Once clear of the powerhead, moving parts, propeller, and opened gas fumes, push the Remote Outboard Starter Switch to crank over the motor.

Remote Outboard Starter Switch

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