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The Buckshot Racing #77 Speed Store EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Rifle Bolts are here! 


We designed our stainless steel riffle bolts to fit the 1/8" Hyper Stinger EGT Sensor Probe, designed for monitoring exhaust gas temperatures in the Mercury V6 2-stroke outboard.


We used 5/16 coarse thread to fit the two lower bolt holes of your exhaust divider plate on most all 2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liters. This allows you to measure exhaust gas temperatures for both the Port side (cylinders 2, 4, 6) and the Starboard side (cylinders 1, 3, 5).


We used a 5/16 fine thread on the side to mount the probe and accept standard 1/8 compression nut fitting. 


This set-up has been used successfully by Mercury Racing (Factory OEM) as well as racers and river runners for the past 30 years.


Our rifle bolts significantly lower the cost of entry for the system when compared to EGT systems offered in the past for the 2-stroke outboard. We do this by investing in tooling and volume production here in the USA!


One (1) EGT Rifle Bolt is $12.50

Two (2) EGT Rifle Bolts, enough for one (1) powerhead for $24

Six (6) EGT Rifle Bolts, enough for three (3) powerheads for $50


EGT Probes and Dual Gauge to record 50 runs with complete kits coming in 30 days! Contact Mike Hill with any questions at 714-697-1716 or


EGT KIT (#91-847564A2) NLA, METER, EGT (#91-8475642) NLA, HOLSTER, Meter (#91-8475641) NLA, PROBE ASSEMBLY, EGT (#847558A1) NLA, WIRE ASSEMBLY (#84-847562A1) NLA, HOLDER TOOL, Probe (#91-847802) MSRP $33.70, FERRULE KIT (#22-847559) $56.90, SLEEVES (#84-847563) $51.89

Rifle Bolts for Mercury Koso EGT Probe Sensors

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