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The Buckshot Racing #77 Delco-Style Marine-Grade Solenoids with Silver Contacts are rated for a continuous 300 amps (vs intermittent 105 amps).

Silver is the most conductive element for electricity. It has a high number of free electrons, a unique crystal structure, and a single valence electron.


These can be used as replacements for new or existing trim, tilt, and start applications in your high-performance race or river boat.


Our Silver Contact 300 amp Solenoids have several advantages; including stronger conductivity, better sensitivity, and a higher melting point (less chance of welding, and/or material transfer) running 12v, 24, 36v systems in high-stressed, fast-trim, and dock-start race applications.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions

Silver Contact 300 AMP Marine Solenoid

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