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The tilt tube in an outboard motor serves as a pivotal component that allows the engine to tilt up and down. It is a hollow tube that connects the outboard engine to the boat’s transom, enabling the steering mechanism and providing support for the engine’s trim and tilt movements.


The Buckshot Racing #77 custom Stainless Tilt Tube is a high-quality replacement for any Mercury Marine Mercury Racing High-Performance Single Ram Trim Transom Bracket assemblies. 


The stock tube often gets corroded on the inside and is unable to accept steering rods. They also wear and add unwanted movement to the midsection which could adversely effective handing. 


Our custom Stainless Tilt Tube fits all Mercury Single Ram Trim Transom Brackets Assemblies including 2.0, 2.4, 2.5, and 3.0 Liter.  Our 1.035 OD tube also fits most inline 3 and 4-cylinder Mercury and Mariners as well as V6.


Add Two (2) Thin Jam Nylon Insert Lock Nuts (NTE), one for the big end and one for the small end. Our nuts are hardened steel zinc-plated, making them corrosion-resistant and rarely prone to gall when compared to stainless on stainless.

Stainless Tilt Tube for Mercury Single Ram

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