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The Buckshot Racing Starter Wrap w/ Race Tuning "Cheat" Notes not only upgrades the look of your starter motor but also provides Buckshot Racing #77 guidance on four (4) important race-tuning points on how to determine these optimal parameters for your motor.


1) Fuel Octane: Higher octane fuel is more stable and consistent in its composition. It has fewer free radicals that can ignite prematurely at a lower pressure. Lower octane fuel in a highly loaded engine can cause pre-ignition and pre-detonation. Using a lower octane fuel than required can cause the engine to run poorly and can damage the engine and emissions control system over time. It may also void your warranty.


2) Oil/Fuel Ratio: The oil mix ratio for a two-stroke outboard is important because it ensures the engine receives enough lubrication during operation. If the ratio is too lean (not enough oil), the engine may not get proper lubrication, and damage to piston rings and bearings could occur. If the ratio is too high (too much oil), it can result in smokey exhaust, fouled spark plugs, and excessive deposits in pistons and exhaust ports.


3) Timing Advance: Advancing the timing is required to compensate for the combustion speed and the increase in mechanical motion of the engine's reciprocating parts as RPM increases. It also allows the fuel/air mix to burn at the top dead center of the piston stroke, which improves performance.


4) Spark Plug Gap: The gap between the electrodes of a spark plug is important for engine performance. The gap needs to be the correct width to ensure the spark plug doesn't touch the metal. If the gap is too small, the spark won't be hot enough to ignite the fuel. If the gap is too large, the electrical current won't be able to jump the gap.


Includes a set of two (2) Buckshot Racing Starter Wraps w/ Race Tuning Notes. One for your starter, maybe the other for the toolbox or second motor.


Contact Mike Hill at

2 Starter Wraps with Race "Cheat" Notes

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