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Convert your Mercury WH, WMH, or WMV Carburetor intakes from 5/16 to 3/8" directly to the float bowls with a custom Super Flow Fuel Manifold.


These are made to order with billet or brass fitting; clear or colored push lock fuel hose to improve fuel volume and avoid starvation during high performance and racing applications.


All manifolds are built with a 3/8" inside diameter; all fuel line is engineered and manufactured in the USA to withstand temperatures from -45 F to 222 F without deterioration. These won't kink, are abrasion-resistant, and will not harden or crack for years to come.


They handle all fuels we love; including nitro, high-octane race fuel, alcohol, methanol, E10, E82, ethanol, and non-ethanol pump gas.


Wipes clean with a rag and rubbing alcohol.

Includes one (1) 3/8" Super Flow Fuel Manifold with three (3) 3/8" Carb Fittings.


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Super Flow Fuel Carb Manifold

SKU: SF-77
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