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A starter cable that is corroding can show white or green powder and is usually seen at the points where the cable connects to the starter or terminals. You can also tell if your starter cables are corroded or if they are brittle, burned, or cracked.


Replace and upgrade your stock 6-AWG Mercury V6 outboard starter cables with a set of two (2) 4-AWG Buckshot Racing Super Starter Cables. 


The Super Cables are constructed with marine-grade 4 -AWG UL Fine Strand Tinned Copper Red Cable, and hydraulic pressed Seamless Tinned Marine Lugs, which are sealed with Flame Retardent Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink.


  • Conductivity: 64% better conductivity for your starter and motor ground, your highest amp draw.
  • Material: Tinned Copper Lugs and Cables are manufactured from soft-drawn pure oxygen-free copper and are highly corrosion resistant.
  • Lug sizes: 1/4" and 5/16" to fit the Mercury application. Proper-sized cable lug lugs are more corrosion-resistant and have better connections.


Part Number OEM is 84-93389A5


Includes a set of two (2) Buckshot Racing Super Cables and a small Buckshot Racing #77 decal.


Contact Mike Hill at

2 Super Starter Motor Cables Set

SKU: SC-77
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