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The Super Timing Decal for the Power Performance Engineering billet and titanium Mercury v6 flywheel is designed to degree all holes of the mercury 2.5 liter 2-stroke powerhead.


This decal has two installation options: temporarily install or permanently install.


For the temporary installation, just fire your timing light on all cylinders and then remove before high rpm’s.


For the permanent installation, you will need to cut out the vent holes to avoid it flying off over 5k rpms. 


Get the Super Timing Decal and convert your PPE flywheel into a precise cylinder-by-cylinder tuning tool; the most accurate and precise way to time your motor.


The package includes three (3) decals with easy-to-follow instructions and two (2) Buckshot Racing #77 decals.


Contact Mike Hill at

3 Super Timing Decals (PPE)

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