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Mounting a Mercury Hi-Performance trim pump, need a 90-degree bend, or need another foot to properly position/locate your trim pump(s) for weight balance?


The Buckshot Racing #77 Trim Line Extenders are flexible, steel braided, 12" long, and feature compression fittings to match the Mercury Racing Short Trim Ram Line Fittings found on 12" and 15" mid-sections.


We include a durable high-pressure-rated brass double inverted flair coupler/union/adaptor, with corrosion-proofing coating, to connect your lines going from the trim ram to your pump.


Our Trim Line Extender Kit includes two (2) flexible twelve-inch (12") steel braid trim lines (straight and 90-degree elbow fittings) and two (2) brass double inverted flair couplers.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions. 

Short Ram Trim Line Extender Kit

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