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Mercury Water Pump Kit includes small tube housing, impeller, guide tube, and enough gasket and o-ring choices to service most all Mercury V6 2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liter water pumps found on 2-stroke outboards manufactured between 1976 to 2005 including I/O sterndrives R / MR / Alpha I, as well as Black Max with or without a pre-load pin.

Part Numbers:

12280, 18-3517, 32437A1, 32437A3, 37433A1, 42579A4, 44292A4, 48747A3, 57234A3, 58618A4, 60367A1, 60367A4, 64141A11, 69222A3, 73802A3, 73804A3, 78400A2, 9-48311, 96148A5, 96148A8, 9614885, 9614888, 60367A4


Includes one (1) Water Pump Kit and one (1) small Buckshot Racing #77 decal.


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Water Pump Kit w/ Housing

SKU: WP-77
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