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Why make the stout jet holder gaskets for the Mercury WH series carbs? They are getting old, cracked, torn, and leaky. There is no part number or replacement from Mercury. Thicker washers from the lower unit are not fuel-resistant, they leak and improperly shape the installed jet holder.


The Buckshot Racing #77 WH Jet-Holder Gasket is made from a high-density .031 material with fully cured fibers. They provide the best resistance to fuel, oil, temperature, and high bi-directional tensile strength.


To install, the inner diameter (ID) has an extremely tight tolerance to provide the best seal, and never falling off while changing jets, while also never sticking, peeling, or ripping apart during frequent jet changes (guaranteed). It must be installed squared in order to fit the inner shank.


Includes twelve (12) Virtually Indestructible Buckshot Racing #77 WH Jet-Holder Gaskets, enough for two (2) sets of carburetors or jet-holders.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions 

12 WH Jet-Holder Gaskets

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