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A wrist pin clip lock ring installer is a tool that allows simultaneous installation of a wrist pin and wrist pin retaining lock ring clip (aka circlip, snap ring, or Jesus clip).


This is a genuine Mercury Marine factory tool that not only helps install but also positively secures the Wrist Pin Clips in place.


Also known as a Lock Ring Installer, this part is designed to work with all Mercury / Mariner / Sport Jet L3, L4, 2.5 liters, and 3.0 liters with small wrist pins.


Part Numbers

91-77109A1, 77109A1, 91-77109A3, 77109A3, 60837A1, 77109A1, 77109A3, 91-77109A 3


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Wrist Pin Clip Lock Ring Installer

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